Causes for US Withdrawal from Vietnam Essay

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What Impact did South Vietnamese Citizens have on the Withdrawal of American Forces?
In a war for the land of the Vietnamese truly how important were the hearts of the Vietnamese, to the soldiers fighting for them? In The Americans soldiers claimed they came to Vietnam to save the people of south Vietnam from the horror of communism but as the war went on it was clear that the Americans were there for their own interests and enemies than the Vietnamese citizens, meaning that more and more citizens of South Vietnam lost support and faith in America and its soldiers. So we are left with the question what impact did South Vietnamese citizens have on the withdrawal of American forces. South Vietnamese citizens had an impact in the withdrawal
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This caused outrage in America and Vietnam alike. America as when first reporting the My Lai slaughters the lieutenant underplayed the entire situation only mentioning 20 of the 400 citizens dying, the entire number was only revealed after one of the soldiers sent a letter revealing the events that took place at My Lai. After such destruction of the people and property of their own country how could South Vietnamese citizens trust these Americans who claimed to be saving their nation of the North Vietnamese and the horrible things they did. The question of whether their village was next or their homes must have constantly be on their mind. Fear and paranoia would constantly be on the minds of the South Vietnamese. Another thing was this wasn’t a North Vietnamese community this was a community of the South Vietnamese, Americas supposed allies in the Vietnamese war. This wasn’t the only time Americans had attacked and harmed South Vietnamese citizens they bombed many areas which were also civilian communities, sprayed Napalm at the suspected Viet Cong Hideouts and this poisonous chemical would spread killing innocent lives. Not only men, but mothers and children. It can be easily seen why the South Vietnamese didn’t want America there were causing more trouble than good in the country they were damaging and destroying the country, some just

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