Case Study Based on Q R Holdings Ltd Essay

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SWOT analysis for Q R National
One of the major strengths of Q R National Ltd is its position in rail transportation. Q R National Ltd is the leading rail transporter of coal in the region. The coal, which is transported from the mine to the ports, gives the company financial stability and an advantage over its competitors. The company also commands over one third of the world’s coal exports, making it the strongest in the region. The company’s recently established performance-based culture has seen its profitability go up. Its work force expertise also ensures that it remains at the top of its competitors (Walker 2010).
The company’s management and board consist of experienced and dedicated persons, who ensure that the
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This may encourage its competitors to take advantage of the situation by producing merchandize of high quality with the intention of stealing its customers.
The opportunity that Q R limited could utilize to its fullest is its recent investment in locomotives, wagons and rail infrastructure. Due to the increasing demand for coal and other minerals in Asia and other regions, the company has increased its wagons and locomotives to meet the growing transportation demand. The new locomotives and wagons are expected to increase the supply and profits generated by the company (QR National 2011). Investing in rail infrastructure is also expected to ease transportation of the minerals, giving the company an advantage over its competitors.
The other opportunity is in the forecasted growth in Australian coal exports in the next five years. Since Q R National Limited is the leading exporter of coal in Australia, the increase in coal exports are expected to influence growth and profits in the next five years (Walker 2010). Since the company has concentrated on expansion and improvement of services and infrastructure, the projected 6% growth in coal export is expected to increase the profits generated by the company. The planned expansion of mineral transportation that targets to include iron and other heavy minerals alongside coal is also expected to increase its sales and profits. Its current position in the transportation of minerals makes

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