Buddhist Tradition and Siddhartha Gautama Essay

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Buddhist Tradition Siddhartha Gautama was the founder of Buddhism. Between 6th and 5th BC he lived in Northern India. He left his comfortable life and lived a life of charity, yoga, fasting and meditation. Due to his preaching a community was formed which was extraneous to the caste system. The central nucleus of Buddhist doctrine consisted of Four Noble Truths. Universality of suffering (Dukkha) was the First Noble Truth. According to Buddha life is pain, regret for the things which we once had and now we don’t have anymore, discontent due to the reason that what we desire and we are not able to have it and apprehension for the flimsiness of what we posses. The reason we suffer is that we realize that everything is ephemeral. The Second …show more content…
Dukha or suffering happened due to the reason that there was desire. This was not a pessimistic statement. The imperfection, the emptiness and the impermanence of life cannot be denied by anyone. All these are facts of life. In fact Buddha has not denied happiness but he has acknowledged that happiness is not permanent but it is merely transitory. The ultimate end of any suffering is death and all the hopes and dreams are turned into ashes when the death comes and the person is no more. Suffering of ordinary nature includes birth, sickness, old age, to live with unpleasant person, to live in unpleasant conditions, have separation with the loved ones, deprivation from what one desires, grief, lamentation and distress etc. All forms of physical and mental sufferings are comprehended by ‘Dukha’. Some times change brings suffering or attraction to beautiful objects and not get it leads to suffering. There is no doubt that happiness is not permanent and a change is bound to occur sooner or later and this condition also leads to suffering. According to Buddha the meaning of life is nothing but suffering. We know that the human nature is not perfect and the world we live in is also not a perfect place to live. The span of our life is full of incidents where we have to endure physical suffering such as sickness, pain, tiredness, injury, old age and finally death. There is another kind of suffering which we have to endure and that is psychological in nature. This

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