Bruce Almighty Essay

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Bruce Almighty is a fiction story about a man who, after enduring a bad day, blasphemes God. He blames him for all the wrong doing in his life, and orders God to answer him. God does answer Bruce, appearing to Bruce as a janitor. After convincing Bruce he is God, he then bestows all of his Godly powers upon Bruce and tells him, “If you can do it better, than be my guest.” Bruce has a lot of fun with his new divine powers at first, but once his world starts to suffer from his selfish use of these powers havoc breaks out. After his girlfriend Grace leaves him, Bruce starts to see the pain he has done. He then prays to God, asking him to take his powers back and fix everything. The type of religion this movie is conveying and the …show more content…
This was said to be the correct religion and the Crusades began the goal of converting pagans. After all of Europe converted to Christianity, they began to explore other parts of the world, converting anyone they found to Christianity. If they couldn’t convert them, then the outcome was most likely that the ungodly pagans died. Thankfully, Christianity has come to be quite different in the modern world we live in. Here in the United States the government is separate from any and all religion giving all the citizens the freedom to be whatever religion they agree with. This being said, there are a variety of differences among Christians. The movie, Brue Almighty, is mainly in reference to the modern day, “born again” Christian. The phrase “born again” refers to a passage in the bible where Jesus is speaking to Nicodemus and tells him “...Flesh gives birth to flesh, but spirit gives birth to spirit...” This passages is stating in order to be born again you must be baptized, and have faith. (, paragraph 2). A baptism is a religious ceremony for Christians symbolizing the cleansing of their sins and soul. It involves a short prayer, being dunked into a tub of water, and then raised up. This process signifies the spiritual re-birth, also known as being born again. ( The modern day Christian is a religion that morals are very highly valued. They follow the

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