Boston Essay

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     It was a bright, sunny day at Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, in Boston. Entering the park for this could-be historic game, the smell of freshly cut grass mingles in the air with the scent of “Fenway franks”, the parks signature foot-long hot dogs. The game pits the Boston ace, Pedro Martinez, against the one-time red Sox star, now New York Yankee star, Roger Clemens. The Red Sox fans boo as Roger begins to toss his warm-up pitches off to the side. He is getting older, but his fastball still has enough zip behind it to make a SNAP as it hits the catcher’s glove. Meanwhile, the Boston infield is taking ground balls, and the outfielders is shagging flies on the outfield grass, and left fielder Darren Lewis …show more content…
     The Yankees are up to bat first. The top half of the inning goes quickly, with Pedro striking out the last man in the inning. As Clemens takes the mound for his half of the inning, the Boston faithful boo him momentarily, until the first pitch he throws to the lead off man is called a strike. The first batter pops up to the 2nd baseman. Shockingly, the next batter hits a high, towering line drive shot that just hits the top of the Green Monster. The Yankee left fielder plays the ball so well, that the batter only gets a single. Clemens looks a little rattled, but on the very next pitch throws a pitch that is hit right to the left of the first baseman, who makes a lucky stab at the ball and then touches the base for a double play.

     Play continues like this, with both pitchers having great control of their pitches until the bottom of the 7th inning. The Boston 1st baseman, Brian Daubauch, lumbers to the plate. He takes a warm up swing, and then steps into the box. The first pitch is a fastball, which Brian takes a mighty cut at, but is a bit out in front of and hits it out into foul territory. Then Roger makes his only mistake of the game, throwing a hanging curveball that Daubauch crushes over the net, over the top of the Citgo sign on top of the Monster.

     Pedro keeps the Yankee bats in check, scattering 5 hits in his 7 innings of work. Derrick Lowe comes in to pitch the 8th

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