Blackberry Webqual and Value Creation Essay

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1 Introduction
2 Purpose of the website
Before analysing the quality of the website of Blackberry and investigating their value creation, it is important to have the purpose of the website clear. The way in which a company uses it’s website is part of the business strategy.
2.1 Introduction to website purpose
According to Tassabehji (2003-83) there are four main reasons to use a website: information dissemination, data capture, promotions & marketing and transacting with stakeholders. Two of these purposes for a website apply for First of all a corporate website could provide information dissemination. The information can target different stakeholders: shareholders/investors and customers (Tassabehji 2003-83). In
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Annual revenues are available online but published by the firm which produces the Blackberry, known as Research In Motion. While the main purpose of is information dissemination they also use their website for promotion and marketing intentions. According to Aldridge, Forcht and Pierson (1997-168) the most important promotion on the internet is a firm’s website, since this is the place where the customer meets the company. Apart from this, Blackberry uses affiliate programmes to promote their products. Affiliate programmes includes the placement of text or links in other websites (Wilson 2005-2). These websites in question, Facebook and Google for example, got paid by Blackberry depending on the clicks via that website. The advertisements will redirect you to with a mouse-click. Although this strategy does not belong especially itself, it is an important issue to mention in Blackberry’s e-commerce strategy. Next to the affiliate programmes, Blackberry also asks visitors to leave their e-mail address by signing up for myBlackberry or filling in an evaluation form, in order to keep customers updated and promoting their new products with newsletters. Finally, Blackberry uses traditional marketing strategies, such as small commercials about the products and interactive advertisements on their websites.
2.3 Conclusion

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