Core Values: Business Analysis

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Core values can be very important to business especially a supplement company looking at wanting to expand their business to other clients. When you pitching your sales pitch to a potential client who is going to sale your merchandise you want to list your core value and explain the reasons behind your core values. Some of the core values I would use for the supplement company would be Always Be Truthful and Honest in Every Aspect of Business. This is a very good core value to have especially when you are selling supplements. You want your customer to know that you are going to be truthful with them when it comes to the supplements they want you take and the goals they have in mind. This helps the customer feel more comfortable when the transaction is taking place. Another core value I would use is Setting Goals Creates the Roadmap to Positive Gains. Working in the supplement business you are going to have people with different goals. But one thing that your customer is going to have wants to meet goals. When customer know that you are trying to help them reach their goals that give them that …show more content…
This is why I would have an employee page that employees could go to for information and changes. This would help the employees stay up to date with all new information. I would also have a link set up where employees could express their ideas and what they believe could help the company. I would also have set up where sales rep could have instant message could communicate between each other with ideas or tips when it comes to selling products. This would help build that culture that we want to have at NND. I believe that having an employee page set up for my employees to be able to communicate get recent information, give ideas, and to also help in recognizing employees this will helping strive to meet sales goals and keep employees

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