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Sir Isaac Newton was a fabulous person and advanced the Enlightenment by a lot. He was born in 1642 and died in 1727. He made many philosophies and theories that made a big impact on the world. His main occupation that people mainly referred to was an English physicist and a mathematician. He started his philosophy and his theories in the early 17th century sometimes working with Rene Decartes and Francis Bacon. Newton was a person who never gave up and always had a goal to accomplish what he was doing. Sir Isaac Newton was considered an important person in the Enlightenment because he developed a powerful mathematics called Calculus, established the foundation of the scientific method, and discovered the universal law of
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The math changed the way of the subject and made it way more efficient than it used to be. New theories of math came out, new equations were formed and math became way more precise. The outcome of Newton’s mathematical “invention” was people becoming engineers, doctors, and some famous too. The good part about this is that it makes you have a great life because you have a great occupation, gets you a high salary, and sometimes makes others refer back to you because you are so smart.

Body Paragraph 2: Secondly, Sir Isaac Newton established a foundation of the scientific method. This helped many scientists turn their data into evidence. It helped give proof about the topic and if it was real or not. Not only was the effect this, it also helped scientists do their experiments in a lot orderly and safer way. Because of this method science became more accurate. It helped solve more wonders and questions that people had in everyday life. It also gave people a greater understanding of the world and most importantly, the scientific method made science progress day by day. The invention helped make more discoveries around the world. This led to efficiency in the use of engineering, fossilization, etc. The outcome of this was that it helped improve lives around the world and helped us understand the universe than never before.

Body Paragraph 3: The main thing that Sir Isaac Newton did in his career was that he discovered the universal law of gravitation.

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