Essay on Biography of Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria. Actually, his real name is Adolphus Heidler. While in his childhood it was very noticeable that he was a leader. He was also very pampered by his mother Klara. He loved her dearly and was very devastated about her lose to breast cancer in 1903. His father on the other hand was disliked and respected by his son. When his death occurred in 1907, Hitler wasn't nearly as disappointed in his death than as his mothers. Adolf had a total of 7 brothers and sisters. Hitler's religion was German Catholic but later in his life he would become anti-Jew. Schooling was one of the main things that set Hitler off in the real world. At age 11 he was very popular among friends. As of well, he was …show more content…
Reinhold would sell and Adolf would paint the only problem was that Hitler discovered that he was cheating him. After 3 months Hitler broke their partnership. While he was at the Mannerheim he always interrupted talks about politics or Jews. He was always fascinated in politics and hated Jews more or same. He had such strong animosity to them. He blamed everything that is wrong with the Earth. I have a feeling that if he was alive today, he probably blame global warming on them. The harshness of war transformed this artist into a deathly soldier. When the Great War started, World War 2, Hitler was trained with the German army or Reichswehr. By the way, Reich means state in German. Just keep that mind. Anyway, in October 1914 Hitler went into combat against Belgium. In 1916 Hitler was transferred to France. Now, in 1918 Hitler was split. Half the year he was transferred back to Belgium and then France again. He was also a very courageous soldier and a very lucky one at that. He won the 1st and 2nd class iron cross and won the 3rd class military cross. He also escaped death countless times. One time he was eating lunch, decided to move and then seconds later a bomb hit his lunch mates. Another time he got gas bombed and was put in Pasewalk Hospital for the remainder of the war. While Adolf was in Pasewalk Hospital he heard the devastating news that Germany lost the Great War. Hitler was furious about the loss. Ideas started popping up in his head. He

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