Essay on Baseball and Statistics

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Baseball is America’s past time. No two fields are exactly identical. The only identical portion of a baseball field, depending on the league you are in, is the infield. Every Major League Baseball park has the exact same dimensions for the infield, which is a four sided square laid like a diamond with each side being equal to ninety feet. The game of baseball is played between two teams using wood or metal bats, depending on league rules, league regulated sized ball, and baseball gloves. The game is started with the home team taking the field first. The home team will pitch to the visiting team trying to get three outs. Out can be made by a batter swinging and missing on strike three or fielder catching the ball in the air, or off …show more content…
(Sounders, ND)”. Chadwick had experience with cricket and based on that knowledge he created the predecessors to modern day statistics which included batting average, runs scored, and runs allowed. These few simple statistics have grown into a massive list of basic and advanced statistics; however it is the traditional statistics that are the most familiar to many baseball fans. These statistics can be broken down into four categories such as batting, base running, pitching, and fielding.
Some of the traditional batting statistics include: At bats – equals the number of plate appearances minus any walks, hit by pitches, sacrifice bunts, and sacrifice flies. Hits – equals the number of times the batter reached the base safely because of a successful clean hit. Runs - equals the total times a player reaches home safely. Runs batted in (RBIs) – equals the number of runners, including the batter when a home run is hit, who scored due to a batter's action. Home runs – are hits in which the ball travels over the outfield fence, while never touching the ground, in between the foul poles, or on an situation in which the batter successfully touched all four bases during their at bat, without the aid of a fielding error. To find the batting average you take the total number of hits and divide it by the total number of at

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