Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation Essay

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Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation is a leading provider of Aerospace hardware. They specialize in the design and development in imaging and precision attitude control. Ball Aerospace and DigitalGlobe have been working together since the mid 90’s and Ball has been a key partner in meeting the increased demand for earth imaging and enhancing the geospatial information market. With the success of QuickBird, which was launched in 2001, images as small as 2 feet can be identified. Because of this, the two Companies merged their technologies and started working towards higher resolution capabilities in the aerospace industry. That is how WorldView 1 and WorldView 2 were designed and built. They launched in 2007 and 2009 …show more content…
World View 1 was the first of the next-generation satellites flown commercially and has an average revisit time of 1.7 days (DigitalGlobe, 2011). It has the capability to detect images 1 ½ feet off the ground. WorldView 2 collects over 758,000 square kilometers of imagery per day and has an average revisit time of 1.1 days (DigitalGlobe, 2011). Because of this, it can revisit and photograph the same site multiple times during the day. It provides more detail than what is visible to humans but at a lower resolution. Also, it takes full color images for enhanced spectral analysis, disaster relief, defense and intelligence, land mapping, and exploration (Satellite Imaging Corp, 2001-2010). The Satellite has 8 multispectral bands which color codes the different vegetation to support those analyses (Satellite Imaging Corp, 2001-2010). WorldView 2 also has the ability to accommodate direct tasking so select customers around the world can load imaging profiles to the satellite and have the data sent directly to their ground stations (Satellite Imaging Corp, 2001-2010). The resolution, accuracy, and agility of WorldView 2 was so incredible, the U.S. government took notice and began utilizing its abilities to fulfill their satellite imagery needs. DigitalGlobe is procuring the WorldView 3 satellite to fulfill a contract for the US National Geospatial –Intelligence Agency (NGA), who has requested that the orbit be lowered from the

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