Essay on Autonomy, Responsibility and the American Revolution

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Can certain people assume absolute rights over others? Do people deserve a voice in determining what goes on with their lives as well as their country? Are people liable for their own actions? The questions asked above all fall under one theme that will be discussed - autonomy and responsibility. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word ‘autonomy’ as self-government or the right of self-government; self-determination; independence. In addition to that, The American Heritage Dictionary defines the term ‘responsibility’ as a duty, obligation, or burden. Using these two definitions, the American Revolution undoubtedly falls under the discussion of autonomy and responsibility. The American Revolution came about as a …show more content…
There were specific events beginning in the 1760’s that ignited the colonists’ newly found goals for self-government and self-responsibility. As a result, those same events gradually led to the initiation of the American Revolution.

The British assumed absolute rights over their colonies in America, and they felt that the American colonies should have to answer to the "mother land." However, the colonists of America felt that Great Britain had no right to control them. Great Britain began to place harsh taxes and limits on the Americans not only to bring in more revenue, but to show them that Britain was indeed "the boss" and had full authority over the colonies.3 King George III of England, in referring to all the Acts that were placed on the American colonies, said, "I am not sorry that the line of conduct now seems chalked out . . . blows must decide whether the colonies are to be subject to this country or independent [from it]."4 When the colonists experienced King George’s lack of concern for their interests as well as for their common welfare, they knew it was their responsibility to establish their own government. The Acts that King George III was referring to were definitely main contributors in bringing about the American Revolution and the autonomy of the American people.

Space and time were two factors that helped separate the colonies from Great Britain. Before 1763, the British did not spend too much

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