Essay on Art of Beijing’s Forbidden City

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Through art, people can expose their ideas, their opposition to the government rules and regulations in a quiet way. The artists try to expose their revolutionary ideas and motivate the people to fight against the cruel actions of the government. The concept of Chinese government about art is that it must always serve the people and the government is always ready to promote art by giving systematic education about the new art. They always give preferences to the revolutionary art and the nonrevolutionary arts were banned at that time. There are different levels of artistic concepts in China which include the modern art, religious art, commercial art etc.
Feudalism and landlordism come under the religious art and the concept of religious
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North Korean artistic approach is somewhat different from that of the Russian style artistic culture. They got artistic influence from other countries like Russia and China, because the artistic culture of those two countries was famous during the revolutionary period. The North Korean art is mainly based on the revolutionary concept which made greater impact among the people at that time. They also gave importance to craft work and other art work. The Koreans gave great consideration to the traditional art work. The North Koreans used their artistic talent as a weapon to reveal their culture. It also helped to reveal their opposition against the foreign governments. The Korean worker’s party and the common people were ready to take leadership for bringing revolution and also to build an independent country.
The North Korean art is famous for its great size and always include some realistic approach in their painting. And they include the great personalities and various revolutionary concepts in their pictures. The artistic approach of North Koreans is parallel to Chinese. The Tower of Socialist Revolution and Socialist Construction, 1972, North Korea symbolically represents unity of 106 people for making socialism, among them 6 are foreigners and 10 south Koreans. But this is the same place where the Japanese emperors used for their worship.

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