Essay on Are Video Games Bad or Good?

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Are Video Games Bad or Good? Whether video games are beneficial or harmful to our growing youth has been a long, exhausting debate. Video and online games have long been accused of negatively affecting children’s health not only physically, but mentally as well including laziness, violent tendencies, social isolation, and obesity. However, recent research is proving otherwise. Scientist and University research has found that video games can not only assist in problem solving and logic, but also reverse the long term effects of some mental disorders, as well as much more. It is often thought that video games affect the typical child negatively, most arguably in the social aspect. There are many studies done showing children who partake …show more content…
Dill and Anderson) These studies, however, are inconsistent, leaving this issue far from settled. Another point argued is that many spotlighted violent teens such as Adam Lanza (the Sandy Hook shooter) or Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine shooters) played many violent video games. But this argument is also inconsistent because it only highlights the violent teens that were playing violent video games. There will always be violent people, and it may be that some of these violent people play violent video games. But not all violent people play violent video games, and many non-violent people play violent video games. The numbers are merely too inconsistent to make this a valid argument. Video game nay-sayers also argue that video games make children lazy and/or obese, but this argument doesn’t look at video game play primarily, it also relates to hours spent playing and diet of typical excessive gamers. Gamers are thought to become addicted to gaming, spending full days bingeing on video games, all the while eating snack (junk) foods to avoid leaving their gameplay too long. My argument is that this is more laziness of the parent rather than the child. All activities should be supervised in order to maintain some type of balance. When it comes to scheduled activities and eating habits, it is the job of the parent to decide healthy amounts of both and to instill it into the child in order to

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