Essay on Are Film Festivals Still Necessary? A Questionnaire

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The aim of this questionnaire is to explore cinema audience's opinions of films and experiences of film festivals. There was a time in which film festivals 'presented a seductive return to classical cinephilia with their promise of a unique, unrepeatable experience frequently offering a rare opportunity to view films on the big screen before they disappear into the ether or only reappear in DVD' (Czach, 2010, p. 141). But what have they become lately? After the technological development that we have witnessed over the years, are film festival still necessary? Why do we have to go to Venice or Cannes to see a film when, thanks to devices such as Sky on demand or Apple TV, we can have our own festival in our living room every night?. These …show more content…
Also, data will be collected at different show times for the same reason.
The days and times in which I will conduct the survey will be agreed between me and the managers of the venues.

The survey is divided in four sections which I respectively called, A little bit about you, About Cinema, About Film Festivals and The Importance of Film Festivals; I decided to split up the questionnaire in four parts to make it clearer for respondents; the purpose is giving to them a sort of introduction about what they are going to be questioned.
The questionnaire was designed with a mix of closed questions (①, ②, ⑤, ⑧, ⑨, ⑩, ⑬, ⑭, ⑮, ⑰, ⑳, 21), partially closed questions (③, ④, ⑥, ⑦, ⑫, ⑯) and open questions; (⑪, ⑱, ⑲), however the first two typologies of questions prevail over the last one. I have preferred using closed and semi-closed questions rather than open ones because, even if the latter do not involve fixed-choice answers (as closed questions do) and thus they allow participants to reply in their own terms, at the same time, they request more effort from people who take part in the survey (Bryman, 2008). As a consequence, it could be likely that many respondents could be put off by the prospect of extensive writing and this could generate low response rate; for this reason, I used the open question format only when strictly needed.
The majority of questions in the survey are with the fixed choice answer format

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