Reflection On Peace Through Film

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Prior to our class, Peace Through Film, I had unfortunately not heard of the Global Peace Film Festival (GPFF). Last summer, I had the amazing opportunity to intern with a company that handles all of the publicity for the Sydney Film Festival (SFF). In certain ways the SFF differs from the GPFF, but overall they both have similar values as an organization. The Sydney Film Festival is larger than the GPFF and has a cash prize given to the best film selected by a panel of judges. The SFF is similar to the GPFF in that there are many venues screening films throughout the twelve-day festival. A particularly interesting facet of the SFF is that it technically operates year-round; they have a subset traveling film festival that screens films around …show more content…
Although both festivals are packed with excellent films, I am excited to see films that have passionate messages to the world that also relate to my ideas. The GPFF has two interesting films, Sustainable and Rebels with a Cause, that relate to environmental and overpopulation issues. I will be adopting Sustainable for the reason that it tells a beautiful narrative while covering extremely important issues our society needs to be more aware …show more content…
I noticed this with the provenance of the International Day of Peace and the Global Peace Film Festival. Although the majority of commoners and dignitaries agreed that a single day dedicated to peace and ceasefire would be wonderful, it was an almost impossible mission for the individuals to agree on a plan. There is also a correlation with the Global Peace Film Festival and its viewers. It is conceivable to have a large group of people watch the films being presented each year, but how many people actually make a concerted effort to implement actions based on the ideas from the films? In contrast, it’s not necessarily about action, but invoking those ideas into the minds of the general public. If a film can positively change the mindset of just one person, the whole concept behind it is a

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