Applying the Virtues: Prudence, Courage, Temperance and Hope Essay

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Applying the Virtues
As previously discussed, prudence is the mother and mold of all virtues. Because Oscar did not exercise prudence in the film, he also failed to exercise any of the other virtues. Oscar failed to exercise prudence as he did not have docilitas nor solertia. He did not have docilitas as he failed to listen to the advice that his best friend Angie was giving him. Angie found Lenny hiding in the garage and discovered that Oscar was not telling the truth. She advised him to come clean to the public and stop living in a lie just for the sake of living a luxurious life. Similarly, Oscar did not have solertia as he failed to look at the situation clearly. His vision was clouded by his disordered value system, and as
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This film is an excellent example of the difference between the more traditional definition of courage (i.e. bravery in the face of something that frightens you) and virtuous courage. Oscar believes that he is being courageous when he decides to portray himself as a shark slayer, even after he realizes the potential dangers involved. He has the idea that standing up to big, scary sharks makes him a courageous individual. Oscar is not quite exercising false courage, as this occurs when you tell the truth only when it costs you nothing – and Oscar is not telling the truth. He is, however, failing to have courage as a result of his covetousness and disordered values.
Virtuous courage occurs when you willingly accept loss without measuring it. Oscar practices virtuous courage near the end of the movie when he confesses that he is not actually a shark slayer. He does not really stop to think about all that he will lose if he makes this confession, and willingly accepts that he will no longer have the fame and fortune that he desired his entire life. However, he realizes that it is the right and properly courageous thing to do.
It is important to note that Oscar had something that is necessary when exercising courage: patience. After making his confession, things did not go right for him right

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