Analysis of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol Essay

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A Christmas Carol was written as the 19th century reached its midpoint, a time where the world had changed dramatically due to the industrial revolution. Wealthy men, the minority, had accumulated large sums of money, moved into cities and lived wonderful lives. However life was dreadful for the majority who were poor and could not afford basic necessities such as food and shelter. This inequality could have been rectified if money had been distributed in a more virtuous and an uncorrupted way. For this reason, Charles Dickens attempts to show this in the form of literature in his critically acclaimed novel A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol has been constructed in a very careful and intelligent manner. Segmented using five staves, A
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The first stave, one of the most important staves in this novel, consists of a detailed description of Scrooge’s “cold” characteristics, his negative reaction to his nephew and his horrendous response to businessmen, like himself, collecting money for those in need. This has been done deliberately to show that Scrooge has sincerely changed completely in the final stave. For example, when Scrooge is first confronted by two businessmen requesting charity money, they assume he meant he wishes to remain anonymous when he replies that he wishes to donate “nothing.” Anonymity plays a vital part at the end of the play when Scrooge sends a rather expensive turkey to the extremely poor Cratchit family and wishes to remain anonymous. This shows that, by the end of the play, Scrooge has no interest in receiving praises for his actions and rather he is doing it out of his good nature and pure, genuine generosity. Several other cruel characteristics of Scrooge are mentioned such as how he carries his “cold” temperature around with him and his refusal to join his nephew for Christmas dinner are all mentioned to show how Scrooge attempts to make improvements to them in the final stave. It is vital that Dickens portrays Scrooge as cruel yet not evil and therefore capable of change. Scrooge does not intentionally murder which shows that he is not evil. This has some importance as an evil description would alienate readers and they would not find a part

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