An Inside Look at Uruguay Essay

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Latin America has a history of political turmoil from multiple coup d’etats within countries and hostility between neighboring countries. This fighting amongst countries comes from the recent independence from many of its European colonizers and lack of infrastructure politically.Latin America has come a long way since the independence of its last country from Spanish rule, although progress has been made Latin America is still a continent in development and does need legitimate political infrastructure. One of the Latin American countries creating a secure and equitable political system is Uruguay.

Uruguay has been a country under development since its independence since 1828 and is glorified for its undertaking of the left
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The lower the score the better and in these fields Uruguay score fairly well, 1.8 for militarisation which is the amount of finance put into local or civil police forces as well as armed forces ranging from naval to air. Society and security estimate a 2.1 and this most importantly pertains to the access to weapons , displaced people, and violent crime. Domestic and internal conflict scored a one which means that conflict within Uruguay is low and conflict with neighboring countries is as well. The conflicts are not non-existent but lower than they have been in the past and may not even be violent but conflicts of geopolitics , immigration, or trade.

Comparatively Uruguay is higher ranking than any other Latin American country , Chile at 31 on the Global Peace Index is not far behind Uruguay on the major factors. Militarisation at a 2 , social and security scoring a 2.2 , domestic and internal conflict 1.0 . This means Chile is not far off from reaching the same ranking on the Global Peace Index. Another country close to reaching the same heights is Costa Rica; with 1.9 militarisation, 2.3 society and security, 1.6 domestic and internal conflict . Costa Rica is currently ranked number 40 on the Global Peace Index and is not only doing well by the standards of the Global Peace Index but Uruguay is doing something different socio-economically.

Uruguay is

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