An Evaluation of the Article: Why Looks Are the Last Bastion of Discrimination

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In today’s job market, there are many reasons an individual could be turned down for employment. According to Deborah Rhodes, author of “Why looks are the last bastion of discrimination”, appearance should not be one of them. Rhodes is a law professor at Stanford and holder of numerous titles for her outstanding work in legal matters. She is also the author and co-author of over 250 articles (Directory). In this article, she addresses an issue with profound impact on today’s society. She proposes that appearance discrimination should be included in anti-discrimination laws in addition to what is already accepted and legalized in today’s workplace. While it is a seemingly “silly” concern, it is actually quite valid. There has been many a …show more content…
In “Why looks are the last bastion of discrimination”, Rhodes offers appropriate and consistent anecdotes to support her thesis. Her use of such stories endears the person to the audience because it is something they can identify with. She also offers expert opinions to solidify the claims. However, for her argument to be believable and complete, her use of research needs to also include the opposing parties’ point of view. It seems the employers in particular, are not portrayed in any positive light with any of the anecdotes mentioned. For example, she points out the injustice against the obese woman that was rejected for a job as mentioned in paragraph 3. While she offers highly trustworthy opinions from a Yale professor as well as a Harvard professor on “disadvantages that overweight individuals suffer” in paragraph 9, she neglects to explore the employer’s point of view and why hiring her would have been a risk to their particular company. To bring this view to light, “Prohibited Employment Policies/Practices” as enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, clearly states that “it is not illegal under federal law for an employer to limit opportunity due to height and weight if the employer can demonstrate how the need is job related. (Prohibited Employment Policies) This would then address why the company claimed, she was “unfit to evacuate the bus in the event of an accident” at the end of paragraph 3. This was quite a valid concern.

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