Always Wanting More: Imperialism and Expansionism Essay

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Going to the local grocery store while hungry is always on the list of things not to do. Why? Because while walking up and down the aisles, hunger decides to strike and more grocery items are added to the shopping cart. Another not to do idea for grocery shopping is taking little kids along for the trip. Why not for this one? Because the little kids will want even more in the cart than the hunger attack would. The 19th and 20th century United States of America was the little kids and the hunger attack in the scenario given above. America wanted more. They wanted more land, more power, more international influence, and more control.
After being under the hands of Britain for majority of the 18th century, America was ready to explode and
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The popular belief was that the land of the west was being wasted because it was not being used. On the contrary, it was being used. However, Americans were not working the land of the west. The west was the home of the Native Americans, to which the Caucasians living among and to the east of the natives had little to no compassion for. With Manifest Destiny, settlers were believed to be on a sacred mission. Americans should conquer the entire North American continent from east to west coast. It was believed that the Native Americans deserved to have their land taken from them because they were not properly using it .
Expansion and wanting more succeeded successfully in America’s homeland, so there was no need to stop there. America went on to extend their hands to Europe after World War 1. The United States Secretary of State, George Marshall, gave birth to the “New Deal” plan for Europe. The Marshall Plan, also known as the European Recovery Program, was America’s way to help rebuild the infrastructure of Europe. There was rebuff to this though. For Jane Addams saw poverty firsthand, which made her a firm believer that it was foolish for America to try and fix the problems in Europe without fixing American poverty first . With this $16 billion given to Europe, America began with their foreign adventures meddling in other countries economic affairs.
As stated before, America wanted more. For that reason, America did not stop with just

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