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She was called Rachel, she illustrated children’s books, and she looked a little bit like Laura Nyro on the cover of Gonna Take A Miracle – nervy, glamorous, Bohemian, clever, lots of long, unruly dark hair.”

The two main characters Will and Marcus change substantially over the course of the text in symmetrical but opposite ways: Marcus, who normally behaves as a child, has to take on the same responsibility as adults. Will, on the other hand, behaves like a child without any responsibilities; the sort of life only a twelve-year old boy should have. But even if the experiences of the two characters seem totally dissimilar they have an important thing in common: they are both alone.

In the beginning it wasn’t Will’s intention to spend time with Marcus. That they later would be associates in a really bizarre way was actually most unexpected; I think if such an unlikely friendship were to develop in real life, the conclusion of the relationship, as described in the text, would be most anomalous. Nevertheless, the meeting turned out to be the best thing that could ever happen to either of them: they both got new perspectives on life and an increased knowledge. Let us take Marcus as an example. Before their meeting Marcus always had old-fashioned clothes and he had never heard about famous musicians like “Kurt Cobain”.

Quote (Page 146:36): “Kirk
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