A Walk to Remember Essay

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'A Walk to Remember'

Question: Discuss the transformation that occurs in Landon?s life due to the influence of Jamie Sullivan.

During the book A Walk to Remember Jamie changed Landon into a completely different person and he didn't even know it. She taught him not to judge people from first impressions, how to help others and think of others and he realised that there God is worth reading about and that miracles could happen. None of these would have happened without Jamie there to help him along.

Firstly, Jamie had started to teach him not to judge people by first appearances. He learnt that people like Jamie are really caring, nice and sweet to be around and that they?re really not that bad. ?Here she was, covered in puke,
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He only started to care after Jamie took him to the orphanage and how good it was to help them. Landon began to care that the orphans had or didn?t have all the luxuries that he had had growing up in his house with all his great privileges.

Landon eventually near the end actually wants to learn about God and read the bible, instead of just sitting church every week not paying attention like all the rest of his friends. The first time he really pays attention is when he ??began to pray for a miracle.? (pg. 200) he only does this for Jamie and only does it because Jamie has told him about God before then. He eventually began to try and learn about God in his own time by reading a bible by his own choice, ?So that night I opened the bible? and began to read.? (pg.201), he taken to learning about God in his own time and way every night. He only does this because Jamie had told him about how good God is and how real he is, so she influenced him in the direction of God and he didn?t even know it. He also believed in miracles because of Jamie, ??I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen.? (pg.240), this shows that Jamie persistently telling him about God and miracles, he really began to believe in them instead of just fake to.

In conclusion, Landon was changed a lot over that year by one miss Jamie Sullivan. She showed him many things like how to help other people and not just himself, to look beyond first impressions of

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