Essay on A View From The Bridge by J.B. Priestley

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A View From The Bridge by J.B. Priestley

"Eddie is doing the best for his family: he is attempting to install positive values and support Catherine in her life. He is merely misunderstood"

The reference above about Eddie Carbone is correct; but to a certain point, meaning it is not correct altogether, because it could be (successfully) argued that it isn't true. To verify that the above quotation is true, we need to study the character of Eddie Carbone, to see whether he is doing the best for his family, rather than for himself. It is also essential to examine whether he is attempting to install values and support Catherine for her future life or is he just doing what he does for his own
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Eddie's name and status in the area are also very vital to him.

From the moment Rodolfo and his elder brother Marco arrive in New York, Eddie dislikes them. He is bitter towards Rodolfo, this is because Catherine seems to be fond of him and he can't accept this and also because he gets hints from the way in which Rodolfo behaves that he is gay. Nevertheless he dislikes Marco because he tries to defend Rodolfo. We will look at his motives for this later on. He shortly realises that Rodolfo and Catherine are getting closer to each other. It is clearly seen in 'A View From The Bridge' that one of Eddie's greatest motivations for his actions is his secret longing for Catherine. It appears that he can't recognize the fact that Catherine is growing up and becoming a woman. He tries to look after Catherine in every way feasible. He doesn't just to strive to protect her when Rodolfo arrives; it starts from the opening of the play. It could be said that his desire to protect Catherine when Rodolfo arrives becomes a lot greater, it does not just occur as is percieved by most. This could be said because he feels threatened by Rodolfo that he may take away Eddie's Catherine away from him. In 'A View From The Bridge' we become conscious that Eddie has a secret desire for Catherine because of

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