A Summary of the Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Introduction There are some events in history that put the human race to shame; however, these occasions can change our future forever. Society cannot deny that social injustices occur almost every day, maybe even more than once. One large blemish in our history, the Salem Witch Trials, alienated a certain group in our society. These trials were an unfortunate combination of economic conditions, a flock’s strife, teenage boredom, and personal jealousies.
How it developed In 1692, the occurrence of “witchcraft” began after the Massachusetts Bay Charter revolution and the outbreak of small pox. The rebellion caused hysteria and a sad injustice. Friends were pinned against friends; upstanding citizens were forced to flee for their
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The trials began In chronological order the accused citizens were sent to jail, that grew to being tortured and that led to execution and the hangings. Just a few young girls could convince people in town that community members were performing witchcraft. The town persecuted the suspected witch and tortured them with pain. The town has corrupted itself; the first hanging was June 10th in Gallows Hills, a barren slope near Salem. Bridget Bishop was an older woman known for her gossipy manner. She stated that she was as innocent as an unborn child but apparently her case was not convincing. There was no tangible evidence against anyone. A local town’s member that was respected by the church was charged with this “witch behavior”. The whole town developed concern; if she was a witch then anyone could be. Magistrates even accused a four year old girl, Dorothy; her lack of confidence in her words was taken as a confession. The hysteria spread throughout the town like a sickness. From June to September (1692) men, women, and children convicted, were taken to Gallows Hill to be executed and hung for punishment. A man of 80 years was crushed to death by heavy boulders for not submitting to a trail with charges against him for witchcraft. So, it had begun, dozens were left to die in jail,

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