A Close Ananlysis of "Daddy" and "Zonnebeke Road"

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A close analysis of "Daddy" and "Zonnebeke Road."

The two poems I have chosen to analyse are "Zonnebeke Road" by Edmund Blunden and "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath. I chose these two poems for the simple reasons that they both moved me when I read them and the fact that they are both about very deep and almost disturbing personal experiences.

"Zonnebeke Road" takes us through the thoughts, mood and gloomy surroundings of a soldier in the front line trenches on Zonnebeke Road in Belgium. Zonnebeke Road was an area of heavy fighting during the First World War where masses of soldiers were killed. This poem encapsulates the savageness and brutality of war with the use of an almost sarcastic tone, chilling imagery and the personification of
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The personification of nature throughout the second stanza emphasises the brutality of the soldier's surroundings.

"Look, how the snow-dust whisks along the road,

Piteous and silly; the stones themselves must flinch

In this east wind; the low sky like a load

Hangs over- a dead weight..."

I think the idea here is that even in the midst of all this death and decay, nature must be able to show some pathos towards the soldiers. The way the poet has described the wind as "a gargoyle shriek" is quite ominous and creates a tension rather like the tension the soldiers are feeling at going over the top of the trenches.

The structure of the poem is quite irregular in that the first stanza has seventeen lines, the second

has sixteen lines and the last stanza has just four lines. The rhyme scheme is also irregular, although there is a definite rhyme throughout the poem. The last stanza, however, has no rhyme to it. I think Blunden has done this in order to make this stanza have a lasting effect on the reader because it really sums up the state of mind of the soldiers.

"O screaming dumbness, O dull clashing death,

Shreds of dead grass and willows, homes and men,

Watch as you will, men clench their chattering teeth

And freeze you back with that

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