A Career as an Athletic Trainer Essay

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America is a nation who loves their sports! We are constantly watching things such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis, softball, volleyball, and golf live and on tv. There are many things that go on behind the scenes of sports however that keep them going! We all know about the coaches, players, fans, referees, tv crews, and team owners, but the most important aspect is sometimes forgotten. That thing happens to be athletic trainers. Athletic trainers make sure the athletes stay in good health! Athletic trainers ensure that athletes recover from injuries so that they can promptly return to the game. Athletic trainers also help to prevent injuries from happening. Being an athletic trainer is a job that takes years of education and …show more content…
The team also buys the athletic trainers whole uniform which is generally a pair of really nice tennis shoes and a nice shirt with slacks. Being an athletic trainer will allow me to interact with the players. If I do athletic training on a professional level I will get to meet many cool and interesting pro athletes! I would basically be getting paid to do something I love in a fun exciting environment.

The athletic trainer at my high schools name is Mitch. Mitch works with all the teams in the school and tries his hardest to make it to everyone’s game. During the day Mitch will stretch athletes out and set up ice baths for people who need rejuvenation. He also does shock therapy for those students whose doctors send notes saying they need it. At games Mitch takes care of those players who develop an injury during the game. Mitch has encouraged me to continue going forward in my hopes to become an athletic trainer!

So what exactly is an athletic trainer? An athletic trainer is a healthcare professional who partners up with physicians to ensure athletes health and safety on and off the field. Athletic trainers are used to help recognize, prevent, and manage sports injuries. They work with your physician to find a way to treat you fast enough so that you can begin playing and competing like normal as soon as possible. They also help athletes prevent injuries! An athletic trainer who is apart of a sports medicine team

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