A Time to Kill Movie Summary Essay example

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A time to Kill movie summary

The movie begins in a small town called Canton, (Mississippi) where it is very obvious there is a separation between blacks and whites. Tonya Hailey is a little ten-year-old black girl, who is on her way home from the grocery store. A truck pulls up with two white men, James Louis “Pete” Willard and Billy Ray Cobb, who viciously attack and rape this little girl. After attempted murder, this girl survived and made her way home, and the two men were found at a bar and were arrested. Carl Lee Hailey, Tonya’s father, obviously enraged, is full of emotions and nervous these two men may be acquitted, despite what they’ve done. Full of rage, Carl Lee storms in while Pete and Billy Ray are being escorted into
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While being questioned by Mr. Buckley, he introduces the McNaughton rule, which states that a person must be unable to tell right from wrong and/or, be unaware of the consequences of his actions to be termed legally insane. Dr. Roadheaver diagnoses Carl Lee as being legally sane during the time of the murder. With help from Ellen Roark, Mr. Brigance proves that in all the 46 trials Dr. Roadheaver has testified in, he has never seen a defendant who he has found to be insane. In one of the 46 trials, there was a man, Dan Baker, whom Dr. Roadheaver said was sane. Yet, the same man is currently at Whitfield, where Dr.Roadheaver is the chief psychiatrist. Mr. Brigance proves that Dr. Roadheaver finds insane people sane for the purpose of trial. As Dr. Willard Tyrell Bass in at the stand, he explains how Tonya’s rape caused relapse, which is a temporary break of reality. He diagnoses Carl Lee to have been unaware of his actions during the time of that he murdered James and Billy Ray. Carl Lee couldn’t prove right from wrong, nor could he understand the consequences of his actions, therefor, he was legally insane. Mr. Buckley, in opposition, found some evidence against Dr. Bass, and shares it with the courtroom. He made Dr. Bass swear to be certain he has never been convicted of a felony, just as much as he’s certain what he said was true. Mr. Buckley has found evidence that when the Dr. was 23, he was accused of statutory

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