A Peaceful Evacuation Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to explain what leadership style Lieutenant Colonel Yaron exhibited as the commander of battalion for the evacuation operations. This paper will give three examples of his leadership action and behaviors. This paper will also analyze the leadership style that Lieutenant Colonel Daniel exhibited and give three examples of his leadership action and behaviors. It will discuss the pros and cons of each example given. This paper will then compare and contrast the two Lieutenants and it will take a look at the interrelationship using Jung theory and the four personality traits.

Lieutenant Colonel Yaron
There are many types of leadership styles one can only imagine what type of
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Daniel was concerned about the mental and emotional well being of both the evacuators and evacuees.
The cons of being this type of leader is it helps to display an culture of trust where the members of they team know that you have their best interest in mind and will make sure that any actions that are taken will help ensure you are protected and cared for. It also helps the leader serve as a figure head of the group and gains respect from the members of the group. The con to this is that it could be looked at as a weakness. Many times leaders have to make decisions that are not popular with the masses of the group. They make decisions that are bigger than the group but reaps a better benefit for the project as a whole. If a leader was to be so focused on their member’s feelings or concerns it could cloud their judgment and show weakness in their ability to make decisions.
Lieutenant Colonel Yaron verse Lieutenant Colonel Daniel
Lieutenant Colonel Yaron and Lieutenant Colonel Daniel have some leadership qualities in common such as they both care about their evacuators and evacuates. They both wanted to make sure that both parities involved understood the dynamics of what was attempting to be done and wanted both parties to be mentally and physically prepared of what may happen. Both Yaron and Daniel took advice from others around them to

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