A Hope in the Unseen: Analisys Essay

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A Hope in the Unseen follows Cedric Jennings through various obstacles on his path to success as a young African American male in the mid 1990's. Ron Suskind does a stellar job creating the intricate background for the events of the novel. Residing in the inner city of Washington D.C., Cedric must overcome a culture of malaise where an intelligent black male is often ridiculed with terms such as "cracker" and "white." The teachers have no faith in the future of their students, and most parents are proud when their children graduate from high school. In this environment, Cedric hopes not only to succeed, but also help elevate himself to a higher level of learning, the Ivy League schools. Suskind chooses to open his novel with the …show more content…
Suskind does a good job of showing how Cedric and his mother Barbara need the church for reaffirmation, yet also showing how the church manages to convince the poorest that buy giving the last money they have in their accounts how they are pleasing God. Cedric may have a different view. He says, "How can I compete? It's like I'm living in a refrigerator (Suskind 39)!" When we meet Cedric, he would not blame his family's hardships on the church, but over the course of the novel, it becomes apparent Barbara is putting a lot of money into Scripture Cathedral. It is money she could better have used in order to provide not only for Cedric, but herself. Fortunately for Cedric, he grew up in an era where despite his family's financial hardships; there were still opportunities for him to succeed in school. One such program he was accepted to was the summer MIT program where he would attend with other inner-city black students. Suskind does a good job at differentiating the students for the reader. For example, many would assume that the black and minority students being accepted to these low-income programs are the neediest. When Cedric was feeling bad about the whole situation, he decided to call an old friend, a boy named Torrence. Torrence sensed Cedric was feeling down, and said, "You're just being used by the white power structure to make them feel good,

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