A General Comparison between the Senate of Ancient Rome and the Senate of the United States

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A General Comparison between the Senate of Ancient Rome and the Senate of the United States Research Class
16th August 2012

I. Introduction
Thesis statement: It is known to most that Western countries are on the rule of parliamentary democracy. We also know that Western countries inherited their political system from the ancient Greeks and Romans, especially the Roman political system. It has shaped western parliamentary system more than any others. However, different parliamentary systems have their specific characteristics. Has shaped from what it was in Ancient Rome to that we see today. This paper will compare and contrast the Ancient Roman Senate to today Modern
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(http://www.enotes.com/topic/Roman Senate) During the middle of the Republic, the Senate became a powerful institution in Roman leadership. She has legislations, most of the administrative power and the power of appointment and removal of personnel. However, near the end of the Republic, with the development of the society, the Roman Commoners had a performance on the historical stage. For example, the Gracchus Brothers, explained later, who were a great example to prove that the Commoners wanted to share the privileges with the Nobles. During the late 2nd century, the Roman Republic became a great military might in the Mediterranean area through the three Punici Wars. She conquered the commercial empire, Carthage, which controlled the whole the western Mediterranean area. After these amazing triumphs, huge wealth surged into the Roman governmental treasury, but the commoners still lived in poverty. Due to the widespread problem of usurious, “Roman peasants were being pushed off their lands by the rich landowners. While their old lands were being worked by slaves, the peasants were often forced into idleness in Rome where they had to subsist on hand outs due to a scarcity of paid work” (http://www.connexions.org/Connexipedia) At same time, a veteran issue was also becoming serious. The Gracchus Brothers, Tiberius and Gaius who were born as the Roman plebeian class for the sake of the Commoners, represented the people as the Pleb-Tribune, this

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