A Critique on Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: a Project Management Perspective.

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Project Management

Muluh A. Mokom

A Critique on Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: A Project management perspective.

Context of Case

Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: a Project management perspective provides a general appraisal on the activities and events leading up to the successful hosting of the 26th modern Olympic Games in September 2000. The case presents the different stakeholders involved with the different aspects linked with the games. There is the Sydney Olympics Bid Limited (SOBL) that was in-charged of preparing what was needed to win the bid. The New South Wales (NSW) government, with responsibility of providing the site for the hosting of the games. The Federal Government in-charge of the required infrastructure
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SOCOG being the Project Manager of the hosting of the Olympic Games was managing approximately 27000 activities. So, in order to keep track of the progression of these activities within their milestone reporting schedule, a software program capable of showing the game’s progress and for the establishment of a database and as well for the dissemination of information was instituted.

Decisions made to contain the cost factor included guarding against any slippage timing of the programming, training and testing of these activities which could lead to cost escalations. There was also the policy undertaken by Sydney to implement procedures for accommodation price control and particularly in relation to hotel tariff. SOCOG in this respect negotiated with the hotel industry to ensure stable room rates for the period in time surrounding the games.

As stated above, quality assurance was one of the most important challenge for the organizers. The International Olympics Committee in their contract with the host city specified a certain quality. The New South Wales government equally had their quality specifications and SOCOG herself laid down other qualities they needed to meet for the success of the games. The complexity of the quality was compounded by the fact that each program and component had its own quality and standard. Generally,

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