Why Do Zombies Have The Right To Die

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In a world where Zombies are the normal is fearfully interesting. When I imagine a world with functioning zombies I simply make the assumption that world is apocalyptic. If the world is apocalyptic, but yet zombies are consider the normal, what are us live people supposed to do? The most interesting question that these ‘normal’ zombies pose, is do zombies have the right to re-die? Zombies are dead monsters, but if they could speak and have feelings, thus controlling their thoughts could those who want to re-die actually be considered right or wrong. I have created a pamphlet advertising a spray that’s purpose is to help zombies re-die. I want to discuss in this essay whether or not a zombie has the right to die and how my product would be successful and appealing to those zombies who want to die.
First, bearing in mind that zombies are dead, but somehow functioning we would have to think through, do these zombies deserve to re-die and is that morally right. In perspective, zombies are an abomination I see no reason why a zombie who can consider life and death unable to actually re-die. They have no purpose and if they feel sad and
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Christians believe killing yourself is a one way trip to hell. Other religions however disagree that suicide is a good thing. Is allowing someone to kill themselves because of their terminal illnesses morally ok. In my biased opinion, no I do not consider allowing someone to kill themselves is ok, due to my faith. In the zombie scenario though I believe it is ok to allow zombies the right to re-die. I would not consider them humans with souls. So if they want to re-die that is a personal decision. That is why I included a 10% off package funeral deal with the purchase of Die-EZ- Spray. These zombies will knowingly kill themselves and because we living humans should have morals we will honor their souls before they became zombies by burying their

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