Zlata's Diary Summary

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1. Title: Zlata’s Diary

2. Setting/Time Period(s): 1991-1993

3. Write a paragraph summary of the story.

Zlata Filipovic is a young pre-teen living in Bosnia. She is an average girl that loves to play the piano, listens to MTV, and plays with her friends in her nearby park. All of that changes on March 1st 1992 when the Bosnian war breaks out in Zlata's home country. As a young girl, she never expected the war to reach her hometown of Sarajevo. When it did, she learnt the lesson of war- that people she love can die by a bullet or a bomb, life is harder without electricity or water, and that one of the most important things is family. As the war became harsher, she kept on writing in her journal which she named Mimmy, even after her school
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The main idea is Zlata expressing her emotions on growing up but getting trapped in a world in war. In the beginning of the novel, you can see that Zlata is very normal, she is often seen as being very happy even when school starts “Behind me- a long, hot summer and the happy days of summer holidays; ahead of me-a new school year.”(pg.27) Change soon happens to her life and makes her see the world a different way. Such as school- a mandatory thing that she has mixed feelings on, but as soon as war enters country, she sees school as a way out of her shell ridden prison. Explained well on Pg 98 when she describes what children should be doing ”The war has interrupted our lessons, closed down the schools, sent children into cellars instead of classrooms.” This quote is a perfect explanation to the theme of the …show more content…
1st quote and explanation: “A girl, a medical student from Dubrovnik, was KILLED. Her blood spilled onto the bridge. In her final moments all she said was ‘Is this Sarajevo?’” I believe this quote describes the war in the peoples of Sarajevo's eyes perfectly. Many of them would be in shock and i doubt that many of them would have prepared for something like this. When people were killed due to the conflict, people would not see their city as a peaceful, it would morph into something more violent and evil.

2nd quote and explanation: “There's shooting, shells are falling This really is WAR.” This quote describes Zlata’s realization of the conflict going on around her. This is a powerful quote just like the other one because it shows the main character's realization and it almost dawns to you that this can happen to yourself.

7. What did you think about the ending? Explain.
I personally found the ending very calming in a way. The whole book you feel like someone is going to die that Zlata loves, or even Zlata herself- when you know a character you've attached to is safe, you just feel calm. When she finally made it to Paris, I know that she would have a better life- as seen today. I think this book was well written considering it was a book written 11-13 year old living in a warzone. In the beginning I wasn't very excited because of the short and emotionless entries only meant to keep a record of her life. As the war progressed, you could see that the entries were drenched

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