The Color Of Courage Analysis

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In my analysis I will focus on the work of Julian Kulski in the book The Color of Courage. Kulski explains life as a ten year-old Boy Scout during World War II who so desperately wanted to fight against the Germans after they invaded his country of Poland. The purpose of this book is to give readers an inside look of what it was like to live during the war. The book is composed of many diary excerpts and actual pictures at the age of sixteen to help aid his post-traumatic stress. This book was written to describe the conditions and everything Kulski experienced in Warsaw. In the diary format he lists his experiences as a child soldier in the polish army.
Kulski’s father was acting as the mayor of Warsaw and there were many times where Kulski was concerned when they would take his father hostage. Kulski’s father played a big role in his life because he so desperately wanted to aid in the war. “I pointed out to father that boys my age disarmed Germans on the streets of Warsaw during the World War, but he is adamant that I do as I am told” (Kulski, 4). Kulski desperately wants to help in the war, but his father is very hesitant to let him go to war. At the age of ten it is still too early to fully comprehend the concept of war. Kulski wants
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“The battle is over… but the defeat is the defeat of one city, of one stage in our fight for freedom” (Kulski, 347). Kulski explains how losing the battle is one thing, but there is still a lot left to fight. Going to the concentration camps was one of the hardest parts because of the conditions people were forced to live in. “I was told he died yesterday morning from the beating he had received at the mine” (Kulski, 359). Conditions were bad enough as it was, people in the camps were not fed properly and were forced to perform hard labor. On top of the hard labor the Nazi guards would beat the prisoners if they did not complete a task as they should

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