Zero Dark Thirty: Film Analysis

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26. The doctrine of double _________, which looks at all of the outcomes of specific behavior, could be used to analyze certain aspects of the film.

27. Even though are countless moral theories that could be used to analyze Zero Dark Thirty, it is important to remember that, meaning has to come __________ truth.

28. A proposition is an important phrase in philosophy that could be applied to scenarios in the film. A proposition is a language construction with logic that demonstrates a _______________.

29. While Dan seems to enjoy socializing with the monkeys he sees in a cage, even laughing when one steals his ice cream, others may not react so warmly to the monkeys and may have different opinions about them. One person’s feelings about monkeys
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Another kind of truth is objective truth, which could also be applied to the characters in the film. However, an objective truth means it is accurate for _______ people within a certain context.

31. Dan seems affected by his time as a torturer, as indicated by his admitted desire for normalcy. However, Dan’s actions, although unpleasant, could be beneficial to many Americans if he succeeds in finding information that could prevent terrorist attacks or exact vengeance on those who have. In this way, this is an example of ethical ________, which pertains to the notion that a specific type of behavior does not have any moral problems if the outcomes of the behavior benefit every person excluding the individual actually completing the behavior.

32. The torture in the film could be analyzed through ethical _________, which indicates a certain form of behavior does not have any moral problems if the outcomes of such behavior benefit the individual engaging in that particular
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Ammar is forced to remain without sleep for 96 hours at one point. Torture like this does not make an individual happy or content. In a way, such a notion violates John Locke’s concept of natural ____________.

40. There are many arguments for or against torture that one could use in reference to Zero Dark Thirty. Regardless, torture could be analyzed in terms of consequentialism. A concept connected to consequentialism is acceptance _______________.

41. At one point in the film, Maya’s car is shot at in Islamabad, where she lives. The act of Maya’s attackers, to target an unarmed, oblivious CIA agent, could be examined through jus in _________, part of the just war theory. This part of the theory focuses on proper behavior during wartime.

42. If an individual wanted to examine the film more in relation to the just war theory, then they could also look at jus ad ______________, which focuses on how war begins.

43. Mark Timmons discusses immigration in his textbook. Within his textbook, a concept is described that one could use to look at the film. _______________ is the notion that every person is a part of one group, and this group should be

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