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• In the supporting paragraphs, restate each reason and support it with evidence from the text or life of the individual. Write a separate paragraph for each reason.

• Write a succinct concluding paragraph. Do not just restate your thesis.

Revising your speech:

• First individually, and then with a peer, review your draft. Is each reason clear and persuasive? Did you use appropriate supporting evidence? Is your language vivid and persuasive? Make at least on suggestion for improvement.

• Revise and then use the following assessment guidelines:

o The opening starts on a positive and persuasive note

o Four qualities are presented as reasons for the nomination; each reason is clear and persuasive.

o Each paragraph restates a reason and supports it with appropriate evidence and examples.

o Explanations and examples elaborate on qualities of the person or character.

o Proofread for: sentence structure and avoidance of fragments and run-ons, word choice and usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

Presenting you speech:

• Prepare an outline of your nomination. Use this to deliver your oral nomination.

• Practice. Experiment with volume, pitch, pace, stress and tone. Experiment with gestures, facial expressions, stance, and posture. Remember that the tone should be positive and persuasive
CRAM Exclusive

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