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Nomination Speech for an Award Your assignment is to choose a person who you feel should be nominated for the distinguished award “The Most Admirable Canadian of All-time” and create a speech nominating this person. The purpose is to convince your audience that the person you are nominating unquestioningly deserves the award. You may choose your nominee according to criteria that you choose that will be outlined later in your speech. Possible criteria may include: courageous, kind, athletic, notable leader, etc. The person you nominate may be living or dead (in which case you will nominate them posthumously). They can be a relative or acquaintance; famous or common; a character in literature or the movies, etc. You may …show more content…
• In the supporting paragraphs, restate each reason and support it with evidence from the text or life of the individual. Write a separate paragraph for each reason. • Write a succinct concluding paragraph. Do not just restate your thesis.
Revising your speech: • First individually, and then with a peer, review your draft. Is each reason clear and persuasive? Did you use appropriate supporting evidence? Is your language vivid and persuasive? Make at least on suggestion for improvement. • Revise and then use the following assessment guidelines: o The opening starts on a positive and persuasive note o Four qualities are presented as reasons for the nomination; each reason is clear and persuasive. o Each paragraph restates a reason and supports it with appropriate evidence and examples. o Explanations and examples elaborate on qualities of the person or character. o Proofread for: sentence structure and avoidance of fragments and run-ons, word choice and usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.
Presenting you speech: • Prepare an outline of your nomination. Use this to deliver your oral nomination. • Practice. Experiment with volume, pitch, pace, stress and tone. Experiment with gestures, facial expressions, stance, and posture. Remember that the tone should be positive and persuasive

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