Zakynthos Island Research Paper

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Zakynthos Island: Take A Cruise To Reveal The Gems Of The Island
Zakynthos Island is called “The flower of the Levant” for a reason. Its eastern coastline widely differs from the western, and while the first abounds with green hills and settlements, the latter is dominated by rock formations and narrow coves. Since Zakynthos’ dramatic and wild coastal beauty is best perceived from the sea, taking a whole day cruise is highly recommended. Although it’s hard to separate one top sight from another during the Zakynthos cruise, a couple of interesting natural formations should be observed with special attention, and some of them are listed below.
Zakynthos cruise basic info
Cruisers setting on the Zakynthos cruise depart from and arrive to Zakynthos (Zante) Town, the island’s capital on the eastern shore. However, transfers are organized from and to all major settlements with tourist facilities
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Keri Caves are the next stop for swimming, which should be used for some cave sightseeing. While Blue Caves mostly consist of arches that can be easily observed from the sea, Keri Caves can be explored only if you penetrate them. Reflecting colors and sounds inside the caves are slightly short of mesmerizing, which makes Keri Caves a must-see attraction of Zakynthos.

Marathonisi Island
Marathonisi Island is a fair-sized island next to Zakynthos, located in the Laganas Bay. Although Marathonisi isn’t intended for a brief stop, you shouldn’t oversee its turtle-like shape as you sail by. The island abounds with verdant greenery and is a favorite breeding place for endangered Caretta Caretta turtles and some seals. In order to keep the natural resort safe, tourists are allowed to use only a narrow space on a beach, which can be accessed by a shuttle boat from Agios Sostis (around 10 EUR = 11 USD).

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