Zack Essay

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The Journey of Silence

By Stephanie Mills

In the novel Zack, the author, William Bell suggests that people need to communicate. This is important to know because lack of communication can lead to a disastrous outcome. In the novel the author uses Etta and Lucas, Etta and Zack and Zack and Etta, to persuade the reader to his way of thinking about communication and outcome.

Zack and Etta’s lack of communication led to a poor relationship. An example of this would be Etta’s decision to avoid confronting Zack about his refusal to pursue music. ”You never took music in school. Just to be contrary” (pg 185) because Etta never questioned Zack about her suspicion, she was unable to learn the truth. Another example would be
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“Go on out and play, Mr. Nosey. Mom has work to do” (pg 29) Zack hopes to discover the secrets of his mother’s family, however, in fear of prevention, embarks alone. The secret between Zack and his mother created a barrier between them. This lack of communication encourages Zack to lie and deceive both his parents and grandparents in order to discover “who he is”. Also, Zack hopes to prevent his mother from realising his plans, in order to ensure she

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