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May I ask this question in a serious forum...I am a Canadian (get your jokes out now) and have been watching the presidential election/debate so far and need to understand what the American people think is going on. Mitt Romney is not a bad guy and he has clearly done well both as a governor and business man...however, I think he is trying to put the American people into a perspective that Obama is trying to create that 1970's feeling of "The Man" trying to take corporate America and telling you what you can and can't do...that is a socialist/communistic (?) viewpoint and by him thinking he can make the American people believe this thought, that is why he will win the race. He is more focused on keeping the individual states a free body …show more content…
Most of the time cancer treatments, diabetes,flu vaccines etc. are all covered by universal healthcare and those additional treatments that aren't covered you will pay for, not strange since you seem to be paying for everything as it is...but the difference is universal Obamacare allows you to not have to pay for things you will already have as a citizen of the US. As with any system put in place, there are loopholes...people will want to specialize in order to make more money (which benefits the consumer in terms of the experience the doctor has in dealing with a situation) but also allows those with money to not be "held" from pursuing other medical options and receiving a better standard of care than is given by the government. So no, Obamacare is not trying to tell you what to do, Obama is not trying to be "The Man" he is trying to unify your country after W. decided to make it a joke...he is trying to put in a place a system where everyone receives benefits of the country and in turn allows growth, but is not saying those who have had success should be limited to the governments standards...and he has done this all with explaining himself and the details. That is where my "vote" lies, as Mitt Romney (although a good businessman/leader and a powerful presence) has not detailed HOW he plans on allowing you as Americans to benefit through cutting

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