Yukio Mishima Thesis Statement

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Yukio Mishima starts with his birth and family backgrounds in this article, and grab readers into his five-year-old inward world. Mishima born and raised in a poor health situation, so his indomitable grandmother put him in a living environment with only selected girls. This is the core element of Mishima’s childhood, and this also explains why his inside world was so strange compared to other children. A boy lives and plays only with girls and women, will he confused about his sexual preference? The answer is definitely sure. Meanwhile, his poor health situation might also have some relationships to his mania in describing death. He might think live in a poor bad health situation is worser than being a dead corpse. His eager for men and death …show more content…
Mishima used his fantasy five-year-old stories as a mask to confess his sexual orientation and his mania about death. Back up to the afternoon, when Mishima meets a man who gives him a lifetime image in the book. Mishima describes, “It was a young man who was coming down toward us, with handsome, ruddy cheeks and shining eyes, wearing a dirty roll of cloth around his head for a sweatband”(8). Instead of using general descriptions like the dirty youth was impressive or the dirty man was so stand out. Mishima uses “handsome”, “ruddy cheeks” and “shining eyes” in his book to describe the dirty youth. Men rarely use handsome to describe a guy, and words like cool and nice are commonly used to describe a man. Handsome is most likely to be used by girls, especially when girls talk about some film stars or athletes. It brings the reader a thought that why young Mishima so care about the appearance of a man? Is that his curiosity? Probably not, …show more content…
His unique habit about the solider’s odor is also a part of his presentation of his sexual orientation. Mishima describes, “the soldiers’ odor of sweat-that odor like a sea breeze, like the air, burned to gold, above the seashore-struck my nostrils and intoxicate me”(14). “Sea breeze” and “air” are things that we considered to be fresh, soft and clean. Odor is the smell that most people want to get rid of it. Mishima combines these two unrelated things together to let us know how he thinks about odor in a different way. The way that odor can smell good and fresh. Meanwhile, the odor Mishima described in the article was from soldiers. How soldiers look like? Strong, tough and very men. Mishima wants to use this to describe he is not only interested in handsome look, but also strong men feature. “Intoxicate” is a word that Mishima used to replace words like attractive and fascinating. Intoxicate brings us a feeling that Mishima is addicted to men in an inward

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