Yuba City School Essay examples

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Kimberly Buonto I am presenting my essay on Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s poem “Yuba City School.” This poem details the account of an Immigrant mother and son from India who are dealing with the cultural differences faced in their new American home. Many of Divakaruni’s poems are about immigrant experiences. Divakaruni is an immigrant from India who draws from her own personal experiences to write her poetry. “Yuba City School” is a poem that captures the darkness that encompasses the situations immigrants face. From the first to the last stanza, Divakaruni chronicles the hardships Jagjit and his mother must tackle. The isolation and discrimination they encounter makes them feel alone and hopeless without support in a new …show more content…
A subsequent metaphor used in line five in stanza 2, Jagjit’s teacher speaks to the class from her “mouth-cave.” The reader envisions something said that is deep and dark. Never ending words continue to flow but have no meaning to Jagjit. The third stanza takes you back to the previous setting of Jagjit’s mother preparing to iron her skirt. One intriguing sentence in this stanza is when she compares her son’s room to a “hole he is hollowing” which emanates a dark cavity full of emptiness. In comparison, the author details vibrant memories Jagjit could be remembering from back home which glow like the “fireflies” full of light and happiness. The fourth stanza describes what Jagjit has to face when going to school being laughed at, groped, and tripped by students he cannot see. He is forced to endure the hardships of being “different”. “They are waiting for him to open his mouth so they can steal his voice”, seems to suggest the children trying to take away any piece of Jagjit's dignity. The last stanza, Jagjit’s mother irons her “American skirt” before meeting with the teacher concerning her son’s treatment. She is concerned the teacher will pass judgment on her own English. “She will pluck them

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