Youth Sports And The Benefits Associated Essay

1289 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
In discussion of youth sports and the benefits associated, one controversial issue has been improving the developmental benefits while decreasing the risks associated. On the one hand, research provides evidence surrounding the numerous developmental benefits associated with youth sports participation. On the other hand, research provides us with the risks involved with youth sports if certain precautionary measures are not addressed. However, more strict regulations placed on youth practice times and rule changes for competitive games, if implemented correctly, can greatly decrease the risks involved in youth sports and further improve the benefits already associated. Others have even maintained that youth sports, despite the risks involved, will greatly improve other aspects of life and will continue to provide benefits as children mature. My own view on the subject is that youth sports certainly provide many developmental benefits and life skills with proper coaching, regulations, positive reinforcement and organization. While youth sports have some detrimental physical, psychological and social outcomes, it is exceedingly beneficial to youth development by improving physical health, fundamental life skills and psychological behavior.
While some researchers ask “does the physical damage caused by youth sports have a detrimental effect on their health?” Undeniably, with the lack of organization and proper rules youth sports are known to have a higher rate of injuries…

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