Young Girls A Positive Outlook On Growing Into A Respectable Woman

1064 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
Despite their glorious success Metall fails to give young girls a positive outlook on growing into a respectable woman. Instead young girls are desiring to model the lifestyle of Barbie. A fantasy lifestyle of a beautiful woman with perfect bone structure, skin complexion, long legs, and nice hair. Young girls who love Barbie are more in love with her life rather than the doll. Today, in Japan young girls are refusing to play with their dolls. Instead, it 's more common to dress the doll and hang it up to admire the look unlike American girls who are constantly seen physically playing with dolls. Barbie has been used to model girls’ behavior and creates different mind sets with these girls around the world because it 's so easy to model the behavior. Advertisements not only sell the products we use but they also convey messages of how we are to define ourselves, our relationships, and our needs. Popular culture is based on the belief, practices, and objects that are part of everyday traditions. These include popular music, films, magazines, television, and various social media that have become a daily part of life and send powerful messages about gender into society. Barbie has become a part of our popular culture and with extended research there is no doubt the Barbie phenomenon has had a major influence on women all around the world.
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