You There Is A Season By Alistair Macleod Essay examples

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Becoming more mature and smart is hard when one has a pseudoperfect world to fall back into, and a non-perfect world that they are trying to enter. In the short story, “To Everything There is a Season”, by Alistair MacLeod, the protagonist is stuck within the non-accepting state of the magic of Christmas. Throughout the course of the story, the protagonist moves from a state of idealism, to accepting reality. He transitions from a world of innocence, unaware of his family’s troubles, to a world of experience. Finally, he moves from ignorance, believing in a perfect family, to the knowledge that his family is distant and not perfect. Through all these transitions, the protagonist experiences coming of age, and conforms into a better version of himself because of it.
Throughout the course of the story, the protagonist realizes that he does not live in an ideal world and must accept reality. Before Christmas eve, the protagonist states, “I am troubled myself about the existence of Santa Claus and I am trying to hang on to him as long as I can” (MacLeod 301). The protagonist, unlike his younger siblings, is in a transitional stage of growing up. Over time, he feels a disbelief towards Santa Claus, and is holding on to an ideal world with the belief of Santa. Since he is holding on to this belief, he must think that a world without Santa is a very bad and scary one. He is metaphorically caught between two worlds. The protagonist states, after realizing he got no…

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