You Can 't Get Lost Essay

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To have a place in society is what ultimately determines a person’s direction and purpose in life. Unfortunately, not everyone in this world has the luxury of feeling like they have a place. Some are faced everyday with the internal battle of never feeling like they belong and the fear of the punishments that they will be subjected to if they overstep these unclear boundaries. Zoë Wicomb’s short story “You Can’t Get Lost in Cape Town” powerfully demonstrates to readers the reality of life in a town where everyone is fighting to find their place. Her main character, Sally, is continually tormented by the battle of having to conform to societies standards in order to survive even if it means selling her soul. Sally knew that if anyone discovered her secret affair with Michael, a white man, she would be disowned from her family and imprisoned but she could not begin to fathom what would happen if people knew that she was pregnant with is child. A black women in Cape Town struggles her entire life with trying to find where she belongs, let alone one who is carrying a white man’s child. Under her circumstances, Sally is destined to never find her way emotionally or physically; she will never belong. Even with all of the directions and maps of the world at her disposal, an educated black woman, impregnated with her white lover’s child, will forever struggle to find her place in society.
Sally is very different from most of the other black women in Cape Town. She is well educated,…

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