You Are The One They Want Me Essay examples

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“You? You are the one they want me to bond with? But, how can they allow you to leave with me? What if I turn? You will suffer too…” the bitterness in his voice came through loud and clear. “We haven’t much time left, we must be ready before they arrive.” Hurriedly Moira changed the subject. With a flick of her wrist she filled the tub with hot steamy water. She moved about without looking at him as she added cleansing herbs. Declan stared at the tub, powerless to stop this rushing tide. “In,” she demanded, her hand pointed at the huge tub. She turned away to give him the privacy he needed to take off his breeches. Moira opened a cleverly hidden cabinet, pulling out a container of oil and silken towels. For a moment Declan paused before undoing the button holding his pants in place, kicked off his breeches and stepped into the steaming tub. As he sank into the depths he closed his eyes in contentment, the subtle smell filling his nostrils. A hint of movement at his elbow made Declan open them. He saw her look down at the water with curiosity. “See something you like?” He queried. A smile of male arrogance appeared at the corners of his mouth. “This is for you, once you wash yourself, use the oil to anoint every part of your body, do you understand? Rub it into all of you, head to toe!” She handed him the small bottle. "The words you will need to say will be given to you when you come out of the bathing chamber. I have to get your ceremonial cloth and I will be back if…

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