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ORIGIN – We are conducting a research on the topic: ''Impacts of Hostel Life on Academic
Achievement '' assigned by SM. Asif- Ur- Rahman, our Business Communication faculty.
BACKGROUND- In some countries the word hostel is specifically used for the accommodation of student and travelers. However, in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, the hostel is believed to be a place of residence that a school, colleges or universities has, all hostels are supervised by the hostel wardens and other staff. The hostel generally students and many emeplyed people.These people come from different ethical, social, geographical and economical background.
The hostel is a place where students stay for pursuing formal education away from their
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So there is no specific way to say how they feel about their hostel life.
Newcomers generally adopt with the place. Most of them have to wake up early, make preparation for the whole day. Those who share rooms have to compromise and try their best to live together. Hostel life is beautiful for some people as they get to make new friends. Together they make the place joyful and interesting. Bulling is somewhat common in hostel. Some feel pressure and remain depressed because of that. Facilities are not as same as home, one has to do his/her own work. As a whole we can say that hostel life is much different than home.


This difference makes impact on academic achievement of a student and our report is all about that.
After considering everything about a hostel life we want to show how it affects a student and what environment does it create. The main theme of the report is to make create relationship between hostel life and its affect on academic achievement through statistics.

PURPOSE STATMENT- To examine the impacts of individuals mental and academic achievement and its effects and results.
 We did our research on Dhanmondi and Lalmatia area.
 We got the opportunity to interview on 100 students, so thats our sample size.
 We had access to 3 hostels and students of United International University who are currently living in hostels.
 We got two

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