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Chapter 16

Today’s Promotional Techniques

Chapter Contents

Brief Chapter Outline 16.3

Other Teaching Resources 16.4

What’s New in this Edition 16.7

Lecture Outline and Lecture Notes 16.8

PowerPoint Slide Show 16.46

Transparency Acetate Notes 16.50

Casing the Web 16.54

Developing a Promotional Strategy for Biltmore Estate

Answers to Video Case Questions 16.57

The Art Of Motoring – Mini Usa

Lecture Links 16.58

Lecture Link 16-1: Subliminal Advertising 16.58

Lecture Link 16-2: Autowrap Mobile Advertising 16.58

Lecture Link 16-3: Dealing with Changes in Personal Selling 16.59

Lecture Link 16-4: Sampling Works Wonders 16.59

Lecture Link 16-5: Viral
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D. How New Technologies Are Affecting Promotion.

VI. MANAGING THE PROMOTION MIX: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER. A. Promotional Strategies. B. Creating an Integrative Marketing Communication (IMC) System. C. Building Interactive Marketing Programs.

Teaching Resources

PowerPoint Slides See this PowerPoint slide show beginning on page 16.46. PPT 16-1 Understanding Business Title PPT 16-2 Chapter Title PPT 16-3 Total Direct Advertising Expenditures PPT 16-4 Advertising Today PPT 16-5 Top Brand Advertisers PPT 16-6 Century’s Top Ad Jingles PPT 16-7 Favorite Budweiser Advertising Slogans PPT 16-8 Do Blatantly Sexy Ads Turn You Off? PPT 16-9 Total Direct Mail Expenditures PPT 16-10 2002 Amount U.S. Spent On… PPT 16-11 Top Online Advertising Industries PPT 16-12 Steps in Personal Selling PPT 16-13 Public Relations PPT 16-14 Sales Promotion PPT 16-15 Tips on Issuing Coupons PPT 16-16 Factors That Affect the Promotion Mix PPT 16-17 Components of Integrated Marketing PPT 16-18 Objectives of Integrated Marketing PPT 16-19 Building IMC

Transparency Acetates Selected PowerPoints are also available as Transparency Acetates: TA

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