Xin-Hua in the Forbidden City Essay

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The name of Xin-hua translates to New China and it was her powerful belief for a new China that made her determination so strong. Throughout Forbidden City her determination seemed to grow. It required a lot of guts and determination for the powerless ordinary people to take on the all-powerful government. Determination, though not her only characteristic, was certainly the strongest one, but through her determination she showed Alex a different world. To die for your country is not as heart rending than to be executed by an army who used to die for their country instead of killing their people. Xin-hua, though fictional, was one among thousands of people who died for their beliefs and still had no effect on China's Communist Party. …show more content…
She proved to Alex that even with the basics of life you could still lead a healthy, productive life. Alex realised how most of China's population actually live while the government favours their own families. After Alex told Xin-hua that he had lost his father in the commotion of the previous day she and her friends kept a lookout for any sign of him when even going outside was extremely dangerous for students. Xin-hua was just as determined to see Alex out of the country and safe, as she was to get the tapes out. She knew that the tapes weren't as important as Alex's life, and she gave him the choice to risk his life and smuggle the tapes out of China to Canada or leave the tapes behind. Either way was wrought with danger for Xin-hua being a student and the Peoples Liberation Army, the P.L.A., still on the rampage searching for students involved in the demonstrations and any ‘counter-revolutionaries' that my have escaped the previous night's massacre. But, despite the threat, some of Xin-hua's seemingly endless determination rubbed off on Alex because he resolved to repay the kindness showed to him by Xin-hua, her Grandma and the other students who participated in figuring out a way to safely get Alex to the Canadian Embassy. Xin-hua was planning to risk her life for Alex and her country in what appeared to be a hopeless situation. Although she was single-minded about the freedom of her country she had many other facets

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